Specializēts tējas veikals. Lieliska tēja no labākajām plantācijām pasaulē.... Specialized tea shop. Excellent tea from the best plantations in the world.... Специализированный чайный магазин. Превосходный чай с лучших плантаций мира.....
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   “Cruz de Malta” (Cross of Malta) is product «General de Alimentos» - of one of companies belonging to holding “Estrella”, created in 1839. Nowadays company includes 7 manufacturing complexes, 4 large agricultural centers and one farm complex. Plantations are located in Misiones provonce – center or all Argentinian mate production. Thanks to its fertilized soil, large and healthy fauna and constant humidity created by Catarta del Iguazu waterfalls mate from this region is especially healthy for human body. The dry-curing of mate herb is still done in traditional ways – on wood smoke and warmth, thus creating drink with full, smoky flavour and permanent high quality.

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