Specializēts tējas veikals. Lieliska tēja no labākajām plantācijām pasaulē.... Specialized tea shop. Excellent tea from the best plantations in the world.... Специализированный чайный магазин. Превосходный чай с лучших плантаций мира.....

For Psychoactivity

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  • African Dream root
    Indigenous to the green river valleys of the eastern cape province of South Africa, this obscure flowering species is regarded by Xhosa diviners as a sacred plant with the ability to induce remarkably vivid and prophetic dreams. Xhosa shamans regard the plant as a type of "Ubulawu" or medici..
  • Dreamherb (Calea) Etno tēja
    While awake Calea produces a drowsy effect, and while asleep one may experience more intense dreams. Mexican Indians consider Calea to be a visionary entheogen, although the effects are very subtle and no hallucinogenic alkaloid has been isolated yet. Poor half a litre of hot water over 3 to ..
  • Kanna powder 1gr
    Sceletium tortuosum Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum) is used as a euphoriant by the Hottentots of South Africa. It is sniffed, chewed or used as a tea. It relieves anxious feelings and has mood-enhancing and empathogenic effects. In higher dosages it induces a state of euphoria and a sense of ..
  • Leonurus sibiricus (MARIHUANILLA) ethno tea
    Leonurus sibiricus is also known as Siberian motherwort and little marijuana. This bush, reaching 1-2 meters has been used in traditional Asian medicin for many centuries for its relaxing and soothing effects. It is said to help against potency problems, menstruation problems and bruises. In Sout..

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